LYFC is a non-profit organization.

Our Club is run by volunteers.  As required by the LYFC, all families must volunteer a minimum of four (4) hours and families receiving scholarships a minimum of 10 hours per player per season*.

We welcome and encourage families who have a desire and willingness to assist more than the minimum.  From the coaches, the LYFC Board, equipment, admin volunteers, and team moms, it takes a village to have our club run smoothly.

**Volunteers during the game before your player’s game:

2 concessions stand volunteers

2 gate volunteers

1 runner (rover)

**Volunteers during your player’s game:

1 scoreboard

1 video camera

3 chain gang

For each away game, all team will need to assign the following: 

1 video camera

*scholarship families are required a min of 10 volunteer hours per season

**all above is subject to change